Vergie's Pit Stop   (vərˈjēz)

Vergie's is a rider's oasis on the paved trail from Cow Creek or Gobblers Lodge to Titusville.   Located in Maytown, Florida, Vergie stocks cold water, Gatorade, snacks, and even some bike parts for her cycling guests. On really cold days you might even find hot cocoa and/or chili.

Vergie's Pit Stop          

From: Gobblers Lodge

It's a short trip from Gobblers Lodge Trailhead to Vergie's... only 7 miles. This is one of the best routes for spotting gators as you pass over the bridges.

Cow Creek

The Cow Creek Trailhead is about 11 1/2 miles and another 4 miles to Rotary Park from Vergies. You would miss it if you rode directly from Cow Creek to Gobblers Lodge (or vice versa) but it's only a short jog from the turn off so if you want a good rest stop make the turn.

The Metric Century

The Metric Century (one of my favorite rides) goes right by Vergies and after 40 or 50 miles it's a great place to take a water break. It is always a welcome sight.